Why is the Lovers card important?

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Your first instinct will most likely be to think of this card with love however, just as love is not the only thing that it represents, it doesn’t have a straightforward nature. In addition, love comes in different forms, but love of a person can signal important or difficult decisions that are coming up in your own life. This is bad because the choices that it implies tend to be mutually exclusive options that lead to two completely different outcomes, but it is also positive, as it is a sign that at least one of these paths will take you to a good position. As such, if you spot this in the spreads, you should take a look at it with care and not be afraid of it. It is a story about difficult choices, likely painful, but the correct decision and a positive outcome are within your grasp. The Lovers card shows naked men and women facing each other. The woman appears beneath an apple tree with snakes, which evokes the Garden of Eden. The man is standing before the tree, which is decorated with twelve trefoil fires, which symbolize the twelve zodiac signs and the fiery passion that shapes his destiny. Above the figures there is an angel in the air, Raphael, who looks at the two as he blesses them. Air is closely associated with communication, and is a pillar of healthy relationships. In the background we see mountains — an phallic symbol and a river, which symbolizes femininity. The Lovers card represents the union of two opposing forces as well as the momentary bliss of a moment before it is corrupted. If you draw this card it’s a sign that you are at a crucial crossroads; the choices you’re about to make may alter the course of your existence. The Lover can also signify that you are an individual who takes choices from the heart. This card symbolizes someone who is passionate and sexually attractive who is prone to rash decisions and easily fall prey to temptation. The Lovers represent harmony, love and the perfect relationship. Your partner and you are soulmates. Your relationship is built on deep love and faith, giving you the ability to conquer the challenges you face together and to empower one another. The Lovers can also suggest that a relationship with a sexual partner will evolve into something more since there’s a basis of attraction. This passion could develop into a real intimacy, so you recognize the importance of communication open. The most important decision in your career usually is reflected in the Lovers card. Because it is an element of Major Arcana, your choice should not be made lightly, as it will have far reaching consequences. Make sure you follow your heart and passion. This will bring you satisfaction and success in the longer term. In many cases, the most effective choice is the one that at first seems more difficult. The Lovers can be an indication that an enterprise partnership is successful, and also that both of you are committed to the long run. The Lovers are a symbol of attraction — not only between two people, but between you and your money. If you’ve been low in cash lately, help is on its way, but only if you request help and convey your concerns to someone else. This is also the perfect time to take the risk of financial investment, like creating your own company, seeking a loan, or going back to school.

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