What is the best t-shirt printing technique for my business?

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Custom tee shirts have a series of functions for all sorts of individuals. We have actually worked with customers from all walks of life– some have been business owners, and some are simply regular individuals that require a few custom tees made. Regardless of the customer, the top concern is constantly: what is the best t-shirt printing approach? 

If you expected an easy answer, you’re not going to get one! Honestly, there is not a printing approach that is the ‘finest’ above all the rest. It generally depends on the customer’s requirements, with some printing approaches being much better for one order, and others for various ones. At Fusion Marketing, we currently use these three printing approaches:



Cut and Sew Sublimation

Why do we provide 3 various t-shirt printing techniques? Well, we pick and choose which option to use depending upon customer preferences as they all have benefits and drawbacks. If you carry on reading, you’ll quickly determine what each of these approaches can do, and which one is the very best for your custom-printed tees!Silkscreen printing Silkscreen printing

is often referred to as screen printing, and it is among the most popular and well-known ways of printing t-shirt designs. How does it work?Essentially, screens are used to use ink to the tee shirts. The design is created on a computer system and conserved in a vector format. From here, it is moved to a transparent film, while the screen is prepared for printing. After the screen is completely prepared, the design can be used to create a stencil on it. When everything is nice and dry, the screen can be used for printing. Undoubtedly, an unique screen printing maker is needed, and the screen is secured in location. You do not need to understand about all the particular intricacies of how printing works, but it basically puts the exact same design on as lots of t-shirts as you like. Therefore, you can print loads of extremely top quality prints all


in one go. Silkscreen printing is likewise selected for designs with bold colors, due to the ink being thicker than it is with other printing methods. Nevertheless, the main advantage of this approach is that you can produce loads of orders in a short area of time. It’s the most efficient tee shirt printing technique, making it the best for larger orders. So, if you need to print out hundreds or thousands of shirts with the exact same style, this is definitely the very best approach to consider. In reality, among the only drawbacks of silkscreen printing is that you have a hard time to print small orders utilizing the machine. This is why you will see a minimum order amount when selecting this technique. DTG printing DTG means direct to garment, and it is one of the most recent additions to the printing world.

As an outcome, it is quickly growing in appeal as people are keen to try it out and see what it can do. How does it work?The name gives away the primary idea of this printing approach; ink is used directly to the garment, instead of onto a slide 

and after that onto the tee shirt. For this factor, individuals liken it to conventional paper printing. That’s the best way to think of how DTG printing machines work– consider your home printer, but change the paper with a tee shirt. Digital designs are prepared, then all it takes is the click of a button to get them straight onto the garment. As a result, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that this method brings. First of all, the most significant advantage is that it’s excellent for on-demand printing. All that’s needed is the t-shirt style,

a garment, and a DTG printer. From here, the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. This makes DTG printing the best technique for people who might just require a one-off order. It’s also ideal for individuals with a low quantity of tee shirts that need printing. On the other hand, the drawback is that it’s not terrific for larger orders, generally due to the fact that the actual printing procedure is longer than silkscreen printing. Nevertheless, another reason to consider DTG printing is that it provides a lot of different color choices. While silkscreen is good for strong designs, it struggles to deal with several colors or complicated designs. Due to DTG being a digital printing technique

, you can pick nearly any color combinations or designs you desire. If you desire a full-color t-shirt, this is the alternative for you. It is the very best method for producing accurate prints and complex designs– so keep that in mind!Cut and Stitch Sublimation Lastly, we have the cut and sew method, which is exceptionally distinct. As you see how this works, it becomes apparent that this is the very best printing technique for very particular kinds of tee shirts. How does it work?With the other two tee shirt printing methods, a

comparable process is followed. Given, the actual printing approaches are hugely different, but they both follow the concept of having a garment and using a print to it. Cut and stitch entirely throws this out of the window 

as the style is added to

the garment as it’s created. In essence, your design is created and printed before the t-shirt itself is made. For that reason, you have full imaginative liberty when utilizing this approach. It is the very best for t-shirts that require printing in uncomfortable locations that can’t be covered by the other approaches– like on the joints, custom-made pocket styles, etc. It is likewise ideal if you require an all-over-print for your t-shirt, or 

when really in-depth modifications are wanted. Summary– what is the best tee shirt printing method?After seeing all three of our techniques, we can tell you that: Silkscreen printing is the very best for large orders and easy t-shirt styles DTG is the best printing method for one-off orders and complex designs with several colors Cut and sew is the best t-shirt printing choice if you desire 100 %coverage or prints in weird areas

If you’re trying to find local clothing printing shop, feel free to get

in touch with Blend Marketing today. We will assist you with your order, picking the best printing technique based upon your requirements. For a take a look at our previous work, please click here.

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