What is Solidworks

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Combining electronics, computers, robotics and control systems with mechanical engineering has produced a wide range of products, from smartphones to self-driving cars. These products must be digitally modelled and developed in order to be created. SOLIDWORKS is a computer-aided modeling and computer-aided engineering program that’s very popular with mechatronics engineers.

SOLIDWORKS was created by Jon Hirschtick, a MIT graduate. Dassault Systems bought it in 1997. There are many programs that can be used to create 2D or 3D designs.

SOLIDWORKS can be used to create mechatronics systems, from start to finish. The software is used at the beginning stage for planning, visual ideas, modeling, feasibility assessments, prototyping, project management, and design. The software can then be used to design and build mechanical, electrical, or software elements. The software can also be used to manage devices, data automation and cloud services.

SOLIDWORKS software solutions can be used by electrical, mechanical, and electronic engineers to create a connected design. This suite of programs is designed to keep engineers in touch and allow them to respond to changes or design needs.

SOLIDWORKS offers a variety of products, which are described on their website.

  • CircuitWorks is an electronic CAD/ECAD translator which allows engineers to create precise 3D models of circuit boards.
  • CAM: An add-on to any version of SOLIDWORKSCAD CAD that allows you to prepare your designs for manufactureability earlier in the development process.
  • Electrical 3D: This allows you to place electrical components, and to use SOLIDWORKS routing technology in order to interconnect them within a 3D model. 2D schematics are synced bi-directionally with 3D models in real time, so that any changes can be automatically updated.
  • Simulation: simulates the product’s physical behavior using Finite Element Analysis.
  • Visualize: Use your 3D CAD data in order to create photo-quality content the fastest and most efficient way possible. From images to animations, interactive Web Content, and immersive Virtual Reality.

SOLIDWORKS is constantly adapting their solutions to incorporate new capabilities based upon user feedback. SOLIDWORKS 2020 includes a variety of enhancements such as enhanced performance and streamlined workflows. 3DExperience is a cloud-based platform.

SOLIDWORKS is a vital program for anyone working in the field. The courses offered to students studying Mechatronics in Capitol include CAD, automated system design, and mechatronic system design.

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