What is a Duvet Cover and Why should you use it

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If you have never had a duvet cover before, or am thinking about getting one?

But really they are still a mystery to you.

Let’s fill in the gaps for you…

You see them on the movies, those puffy things on the beds and think to yourself.

”They look lovely…”

Might be something I would like.

Let’s find out, shall we…

Is a Duvet Cover a Blanket?

You could say what is not a blanket…

But these covers are something different, and once you try one you might never look back.

A blanket is really a generic term that refers to almost anything you can cover a bed with including:

  • duvets
  • comforters
  • quilts

It also refers to a more utilitarian woven covering that is as you say…

Sandwiched between a flat sheet and another layer primarily for warmth that it gives out.

As you know, a blanket drapes over the sides of your bed, it just does not sit on top of your bed.

In fact, duvets have become quite a popular choice of bedding by the general public now.

The duvet itself consists of a quilt that is filled with a soft substance, usually eider or down.

So they are often referred to as a down comforter as well as a duvet.

They can be so very soft and very warm indeed.


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