The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose

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Going from Corporate America to the world of entrepreneurship, Drew Manning knew he had to stand out from the rest. After becoming a personal trainer in 2009, Drew had a lightbulb moment to understand his client’s situations at a new level! Drew decided to give up his healthy lifestyle & commit to becoming overweight to understand the mental position of his clients. By gaining 75 pounds, Drew then began his journey of losing it! Not only did this help Drew with his clientele, but it also opened his mind up to bigger possibilities. With this new mindset, Drew shares his thoughts on why connecting with one’s audience is key to maintaining consistency.

[00:00:47] Drew’s Business Success Story
00:04:08] Corporate America to Personal Trainer
00:08:06] When Did Drew Discover ClickFunnels?
00:12:34] Drew’s New Book: Complete Keto
00:19:17] Advice from Drew

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