Seven Step To Winning Your Customers Back Following COVID shutdowns

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Times are tough right now for a lot of businesses around the world having to wrestle with the COVID shut-downs and re-openings, closing again and partially opening. This is driving many businesses into bankruptcy and to permanent closure of their downtown business, while box stores and essentials business can carry on. 

It seems unfair when you didn’t have a choice to keep your doors open. It’s time to start taking some action to keep your customers and still continue to serve them. They still need you, they still need your services and trying to find a way to serve them in the current environment is a challenge. 

Some businesses can adapt to moving their activity online, and that’s what my 7 seven Steps to Winning Your Customers Back is about. Most businesses can do this and even maintaining your connection with your customers can keep them as your customers even though we can’t service them right now. Until the restrictions ease up, or until you have a safe environment for them.

The Seven Steps, show you how to take some simple actions online, if you don’t have the time or patience, you can get your kids, staff or hire experts to do this for you. It’s not hard, my mini-book will take you step-by-step on what to do. 

You can download this book on my website at no cost to you, you can do all this stuff if you use patience and take each step until you get it right. Your kids may already be doing this kind of stuff, and wouldn’t be great if they can help you save your business and your livelihood. They can help create some exciting videos about your business and your main products. 

This book was developed for the small business in mind, those who have lost customers to the big-box stores and big Online Giants who just swooped up your customers once you shut down. It may be tough at first, but your customers are always loyal to you, once you connect with them and let them know you need them as your customer and how much you value them, they will come back. 

Get on your way, it’s easy, it’s something you can learn and start implementing these simple seven steps than many small businesses are already using.


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