Know for being very good grade of wear resistant engineering plastics is Dupont Natural Extruded Nylon type 6 material. This grade of plastic has been produced from Dupont resin for over 40 years.

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Natural Cast Natural Nylon type 6 materials

Nylon from Dupont is one of the most used Performance Plastic materials. Nylon is frequently chosen for important products like machined parts that need to be self-lubricating.  If you need a quality material simply click here, %LINK%
Long running and smooth performance are typical when using Nylon. Nylon has one of the widest ranges of sizes and shapes, including small extrusions to massive castings. The Dupont Extruded Natural Nylon type 6/6 are commonly available.

Acetal Sheet is one of the plastics chosen within the auto industry because of its long lasting dimensional stability and toughness. It provides solutions for designers to help them create long lasting and very durable components. Another popular area for Acetal Sheet is in marine applications. This environment suits acetal quite because the low moisture absorption will result in components that won’t expand or alter dimensions due to contact with water.

Performance Plastic materials

extruded nylon 66

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