Calgary Businesses Can Develop Their Own Video Ads

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If you are struggling to get your customers back after the COVID Shutdowns, it’s time to get serious and make these ads yourself. 

You know your business the best, and haven’t you always had ideas on this could be done, you visualized it in your mind on how you could best develop a script, the scenery and the action in your ad to promote your business. 

This has made been possible by Oliver Goodwin who has developed a software that anyone could use to make professional looking ads at a fraction of the costs it take for a professional video firm would charge you. 

The software is called Human Synthesys Studio that gives you all the actors, background, selection of voices including 40 languages. You will look like a professional producer once you are done with your first ad. 

It’s so simple, you just follow the simple steps and render the video and you are done. Your video will be ready to share on the social channels that you have. 

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you can get one of your staff or your teen-age kids to help you, they would have a lot fun doing this for the family business. 

I know most businesses don’t have extra money right now to spend on ads, but, now you can do something about and think about how you can let your regular customers know that you are back in business.

You may also gain new customers who are looking for something online or are excited about coming to your downtown store. 

Let’s get back to business, go to our website and purchase your copy today, it’s a professional software at an affordable price. 


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