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Everyone has a God-given talent, including you. It’s important to create a list prioritizing the changes you would like to create in your life. But we rarely see it that way. Sometimes, it takes a while before you discover what your talents are, so don’t be afraid to try new things

These are your true feelings and ones that will guide you in your own proper direction. For many people who are serious about success, goal setting is a must. They only require a small amount of effort but you do need a lot of persistence to keep following them! Remember its all about taking action

Learn from the experts. They are adopted over time, through your learning, through your experiences in life. Let it all come to the front, ignore that little voice that says “This is not manly. Somewhere you can sob, cry, or otherwise act out your sadness either alone, or with an understanding person. Lack of Clarity

You can choose to add these items to your action list with deadlines. I have known of individuals that are as equipped to handle a job and have prepared for a particular job only to be told they did not qualify. In conclusion, when you are writing the plan, break it down as shown above so as to make it more structured and manageable. Lastly, you need to review your progress so as to determine whether you are on track, or whether you need to go back to the drawing board so as to come up with plans you can handle


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