6 Social Media Mistakes

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The 6 Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media That Are Hurting Your Business (and how to correct them)

Let’s face it, Social Media marketing has become compulsory to those looking to gain business and expand their brand.  The common misconception businesses have when it comes to social media it that all you have to do is create a fan page on Facebook or send out a few tweets. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and we are seeing businesses make the same social media mistakes over and over. Here are the mistakes your business could be making on social media sites:

Social Media Mistake #1. Getting The Wrong Fans

This is the classic case when you want quality over quantity. Perhaps the most common of social media mistakes is the thought that having more likes or fans than your competitor means you’re a better marketer, this could not be further from the truth. Marketing on social media platforms is NOT the same as mass marketing campaigns and ads, and should not be treated as such. Social media marketing is most effective when business marketers can laser-target their consumers, hence quality over quantity. The number of fans that liked your page is completely irrelevant if these fans are not discussing and sharing your product or service.

Social Media Mistake #2.  Available vs. Excessive

Once you have established your social media footprint on one platform there is often a strong urge to do the same on ALL social media sites. A common error made by businesses is the belief that they need to be present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms they encounter. While social presence is of utmost important in business today, choosing the platforms best for you and your business is key. Here are some tips to help you discern where you should be putting your time and energy: Be where your customers are. Focus on what is working currently. Utilize those sites for which you have the man-power.

Social Media Mistake #3. Too Much You

Social Media is just that, social. Much of the same interpersonal and social rules apply when marketing on these sites. No one likes that guy in the room that refuses to stop talking about himself, so do not let your business be “that guy.” While it is important to expand your brand and expose your product, going overboard on this will cause fans to ignore and potentially remove you from their social network. Just like in life, give these online consumers information about your business while including value. For example, a doctor’s office may post information regarding new services they are offering followed by a post with a link to an article that their patients would fine helpful. Posts like this will add value and help develop a conversation with your social media based customers.

4. Social Media Standing Alone

It is in our nature to categorize and segment our business in order to create efficiency and order; however, doing this with Social Media is a huge mistake. Most businesses treat Social Media as its own department, just as we would with Human Resources, Sales, or Management. Social Media marketing is truly a culmination of many facets of a business. It is important to understand that different department’s initiatives can be met through social media marketing.

Social Media Mistake #5. No Creativity

There is a massive difference between being consistent and being predictable. Varying the type of posts, time of posts, ways in which you interact, and overall look and feel can be extremely powerful in social media. Social media users have pretty much seen it all as far as marketing and advertising, so do not try and reinvent the wheel, just be creative with your posts. Use different mediums to get your message across and catch the attention of your customers by posting videos instead of plain written posts. Try using different images and adding links to resources you believe your customers will find valuable. KEEP IT INTERESTING!

Social Media Mistake #6. Refrain From Personal Attacks

We live in an instant communication society, and with this we have many advantages, with some drawbacks.   While the internet affords full transparency and I highly encourage exchanges of information and debate, I unfortunately see far too many people taking this too far with personal attacks on Internet boards and on Social Media Sites such as Facebook.  While this could be a very long section, the best answer is DON’T’!  I get it, we all get upset at times,  but take the high road, engage in direct and personal communication.

If you become the target of a social media smear campaign; remain calm.  While the natural tenancy may be to snap back, rise above the other person conducting the attack as they obviously are trying to bring you down to their level.

Respond Quickly & Publicly.  We live in a viral society so it is best to respond publicly but in a positive and controlled manner.  If you respond via text message or email, that screenshot can easily go viral… So put it out where others can see, and frame it in the positive light that you want to be seen for.

Say It Once.  While sharing your side of the story is important, there is no need to go back and forth. If you are reading this, you are most likely a business professional, so be the professional.

So there you have 6 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid.  What other mistakes do you see being made in social media?

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