Window Treatments: Which One Should You Get?

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Maybe you just bought your first house. Maybe you’re looking to refresh an existing space. Regardless of the reasoning, you’re new in the world of window treatments.

At Rite Time Blinds, we can help. We can answer the biggest question you’ve probably got — What is a window treatment? We can also help you with other information once they’re installed, such as how to clean window treatments.

We know this isn’t all you want to know though. You also want to know why you want custom window treatments and the differences between curtains and drapes. Let’s face it, you’ve got a ton of questions. Here are answers to three of the most common.

What kind of window treatments are in style?

There are a lot of options for style. For the past few years, one of the most popular styles has been tone-on-tone layering. This means you’ll choose one color and use different tones. You won’t be overwhelmed by having too many colors! Instead, add interesting tones, not color overload. Another popular option is pastel neutrals. You can use shades of coral, lavender, and mint green to create unexpected visions.

Boldness. That’s another great option for your window treatment. You’ll use bold prints or subtle, but interesting, construction. Regardless of how you do it, you’ll be able to make it your own. For example, don’t choose standard vanes. Instead, use geometric patterns. However, be careful to not overwhelm the space.

Unsurprisingly, fully automated window treatments are popular. With the increasing use of smart technology, you can have remote control access or voice control access. Similarly, cord-free options are increasingly popular, not to mention, safer.

What are the three types of window treatments?

You can divide window treatments into three types:

  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Layered

The types aren’t hard to understand. Hard window treatments include: wood and vinyl blinds are an example. A soft window treatment is one that uses soft materials, such as curtains, Roman shades, or drapes. A layered window treatment uses both hard and soft window treatments.

What type of window treatments are best for the kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most well-loved rooms in the home. Family gatherings and parties always seem to culminate in the kitchen. Even when you don’t want them to! An inviting kitchen is a place of magnetism and stylish window treatments are a great way to enhance that. But there are some things you should consider when deciding on window treatments for your kitchen, such as:

  • Where are the windows located?
  • How much do you use your kitchen?

If your windows are near the sink, the window treatment may get wet. If they’re near the stove, they may get steam or grease splatters. If they’re near food prep areas, such as counters, they may get hit with food. In these “high-risk” areas, you may want to consider faux wood or vinyl window treatment options. This is because of their high durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

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