Power Production Systems Maintenance Lifetime-Extending Solution Launched

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A solution has been launched to help industries maintain and extend the life of their existing power production systems by using a magnetic solution to remove black powder that can lead to corrosion.

KARLOVAC, CROATIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2020 / A new solution has been launched to maintain and extend the lifetime of existing power production systems. Miroslav Gojak and his team at Vento Global explain that advanced technical solutions can be utilized in oil, gas, mining, and energy production. 

Conventional filtration systems are costly both in terms of the downtime required to maintain them and the maintenance itself. Miroslav Gojak explains that a sustainable alternative is provided by One Eye Industries and Black Powder Solutions. They utilize a patented magnetic separator system as an inline full-flow system to remove black powder.

It can be used to prevent black powder from contaminating hydrocarbon fluids, gases, refined products, petrochemicals, and water. The patented systems utilize sustainable magnetic separator techniques designed to remove contaminants down to submicron sizes with 95% or more efficiency in single-pass applications.

The team and Miroslav Gojak add that they are designed to operate without creating flow restrictions. They explain the magnetic separators protect pumps, valves, and process equipment from failure along all stages of the hydrocarbon value chain and eliminate the need for conventional depth-media filtration.

Corrosion and erosion are all sources of black powder, explain the team. They add that while it initially forms as a sulfur-based corrosion product from microbial and chemical interactions, it can continue to build as iron sulfide and iron oxide through hydrocarbon pipelines and facilities.

It is problematic as once formed, black powder will continue to build, leaving all your piping and equipment vulnerable to its erosional impacts, states Miroslav.

A spokesperson said: “Deploying the One Eye Industries and Black Powder Solutions technology will ultimately improve your system operations and your product quality, increase your production, and support your safety initiatives while reducing your environmental impact.”

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