Know for being very good variety self lubricating mechanical plastics is Black Extruded Nylon type 6 . This plastic material has been produced from Dupont resin for over 40 years.

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Black Cast Nylon type 66 material

Nylon material is well known for being wear resistant. Known for abrasion resistance is the preferred material for critical needs like the toughest and strongest rope.  If Nylon is a material you would like to know more about simply click here, %LINK%
Extreme applications are typical for Nylon. Nylon comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including thin sheet to massive blocks. The Dupont Cast Natural Nylon type 6/6 material are readily available.

Acetal Sheet has many uses and is certainly valued in the food preparation industry. Because of its low moisture absorption it gained Food & Drug Administration approval in addition to its excellent sliding abilities which help with very low friction and hard wearing food safe components.

Performance Plastic materials

nylon 6/6 sheet

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