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How can a 3.995 home mortgage cost 70% in interest?? That is what I was asking myself when my children bought their first home in May. We thought they got a good interest rate until that mortgage statement came and we took a really good look at the interest they were paying on a monthly basis.
The reality is that there is no good interest rate when it is front end loaded and amortized out over 30 years. In fact, they will pay over $200,000 in interest alone, effectively buying another whole house – but the second one is for the bank!
Fortunately we were able to show them how technology now allows us to eliminate most of that mortgage interest and put the money back in their pocket, and without having to change their lifestyle and budget. They will save over $159,000 in interest and pay off ALL of their debts in under 10 years!
Technology has created huge advances for us in every area of our lives! I’m so glad to see that we can now use it to eliminate debt interest and free up the money we all need for our future.
Are you sick and tired of working only to just make ends meet? What if you were able to begin to put those debt payments back into your pocket and use that money for your own family? It’s your turn!

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